No Matter What You Are Looking For, We Have It All


Villa Park a unique sports themed hotel, a sport- haven for all game lovers and its arena calls on all the sports enthusiasts to take their best serve in one stay!

Villa Park, will make sure you never miss any version of ESPN or Star Sports. Built to amuse any classic stadium- watchers, you can bet your last penny that this hotel will be a great motivator to help you fall in love with sports over and over again! What is life without a few games and can there be any true relaxation or rejuvenation until you engage in some good sports?

The sporty ambience clouding the party lit skies of Villa Park is sure to rain tons of fun for every gamer out there when he wishes to strike the holidays to a memorable goal. You can sleep on the nets, walk along the field and dance on the pitch cause 43 of the customized rooms with game themes wait for every touchdown pro who need to party the night way!

An activity zone for energetic sprinters, a reading corner for nerdy siblings, café for a casual afternoon and play arena for future competitors are just the tip of the iceberg for what Villa Park has to offer.

With an enchanting view of the stadium on one side and the lush green garden on the other, it is definitely what you are looking for on your holiday, so don’t pause to book your rooms in this sports haven which kindles the kid in you to enjoy , play and relish the luxuries of life like there is no tomorrow!


It is located in the heart of the city of Mysore, having easy accessibility to the commercial, shopping and tourist areas. Located just 4 kms from the Mysore station with an aerial view of the Chamundi Vihar indoor stadium, it is a definite treat to the eyes with uniquely designed rooms and restaurants.